The mission of EAEC (and EAEC members’) is to:
  • Support American businesses launching their activity in Europe
  • Support European businesses launching their activity in North America
By offering unique services tailored to these companies’ needs - EAEC "4 R's" Phases / Step By Step Acceleration Services: EAEC Services
Phase R1: Research, Planning, Pilots, and Advisory Services
  • [3, 6 to 12 months - 9 to 60 hours of services per month]
  • Market Research, Marketing Plan, and Business Plan
  • Market Requirements Document and Product Requirements Document
  • Executive and Peer Monthly Advisory Boards
  • Introduction to close contacts to sign POCs and Pilots;
    • Client suggests a list of 5-30 ideal/strategic targets (if 6 month term) for Strategic/Channel partnerships and POCs.
    • EAEC identifies high potential leads from this list (minimum 10), contacts high level decision-makers, executes pre-sales pitch, and sets calls and meetings to discuss doing business and/or partner, starting with identifying possible Proofs of Concepts.

Phase R2: Revenue Acceleration Services
  • [6 to 12 months renewable - 60 to 100 hours of services per month minimum]
  • Telemarketing Campaigns, and Pre-Sales Activities
  • Sales and Business Development Planning and Activities;
    • Contacting and communicating with 60/80/100+ potential strategic accounts (if 12 month term), clients and/or partners (including prospects from past activities i.e. tradeshows and conferences), by organizing calls, meetings with some of them, and facilitating/supporting the closing and first orders.
    • Scheduling trip(s) to the destination market with bi-monthly visits (1 week length average) including with the company’s CEO or VP of Sales as needed; as much as possible around important tradeshows, conferences and symposiums.

Phase R3: Recruiting Services
  • [3-6 months renewable]
  • International Executives Recruiting Services: Engineering, Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Communication, and Product Management/Marketing Positions
  • The service charge is on a contingency basis and is payable if, and only if, Client engages the services of a candidate (for a job or a consulting agreement) that has been referred to Client, directly (e.g. EAEC advisors or contractors) or indirectly, through EAEC’s efforts.

Phase R4: ROI, Valuation and M&A Services
  • [6 to 12 months renewable]
  • Merger and Acquisition (M&A) advisory services providing advice and guidance on Client's mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.
  • Merger and Acquisition (M&A) advisory services to match Client's business with prospective buyers.
  • EAEC is not a registered broker/dealer (cf. SEC rules and regulations). EAEC is associated with a registered broker/dealer that will be introduced to Client and will support the M&A efforts, and guarantee the professional handling of this type of transaction under US laws.

And focusing on the following sectors:
  • Technology, Med Tech, Telecom, and IT
  • Consumer products, Mobile Devices, and Apps
  • Clean Technology and Renewable Energy
  • Biotech and Pharma
  • Infrastructure and Transportation
  • Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering
While serving its members’ interests:
  • As a full blown social branding, networking and engagement hub for the members
  • As a unique consulting/contracting and job opportunity platform for the members
  • As an investment environment for the members who would like to participate as business angels (accredited and non-accredited investors).

The EAEC Acceleration services are also packaged in unique programs especially designed for gov/state/trade agencies, and aim at helping sponsored/subsidized companies in their international business development and marketing strategy execution as well as facilitating their operation activities across the Atlantic ocean.

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