On-Demand EEN B2B Matchmaking Services

(please contact us at info@eaecouncil.com if you need more information)

Entry Packaged Services for European companies: Advisory/Mentorship sessions

3 Advisory/Mentorship weekly sessions (physical meetings or online meetings) of 1 hour each with our EAEC directors, advisors, and domain experts all based in the USA; Sebastien Torre, President of EAEC, will host these meetings.

Other EAEC On-Demand Services

  • Open Innovation consulting & sourcing services
  • Bi/Tri-lingual booth hostess services for professional tradeshows
  • Content & brand licensing services
  • Patent licensing & transfer services
  • Product marketing services
  • Telemarketing services
  • Website design & set up with SEO and in multiple languages
  • Social Media consulting services
  • Translation/Localization services
  • Branding and Corporate Communication services
  • Press Relations services
  • Public Relations services
  • Physical and virtual business address
  • J-1 Visa internship programs