Essential in the decision-making process when evaluating a new market access, the trade and investment trips are an efficient way to introduce and promote, in detail, the North American and European market and their individual sectors to companies, but also agencies, institutions and associations.

Gov/regional/economic development/investment agencies, institutions and associations in Virginia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Florida, California, France, Spain, Luxembourg and the UK, trust EAEC for its extensive knowledge of the European and US markets and industries, and its valuable network in both continents.

These trade and investment trips are also sponsored by local private organizations/entities interested in the selected European and US companies, as well as their products and/or services.


Trade and Investment Trips

June, 22 2016SelectUSA Summit Extension trip 2016
Learn about the different economic regions of the U.S. on this 4-day trade mission to Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. At your convenience, extend the mission an additional 4 days to explore more of Pennsylvania, Georgia and South Carolina. A custom agenda and travel itinerary will be created to fit your business goals and needs. EAEC staff is available to prepare you for the trip and ensure all your expectations are fulfilled. If you represent a medium/large European company that is hoping to expand into the U.S market, this trade mission is an excellent opportunity for you. It takes place right after the SelectUSA Investment Summit (June 19-21, 2016). You will be supported by an expert team possessing in-depth knowledge of each market and sector, providing you with a unique on-site experience.
Nov, 20 2014USA Infrastructures Day in Europe
Madrid, Lisbon and London Nov, 20-27 - These conferences fosters business opportunities and projects in the US in the Infrastructures, transportation and water sectors. Key relevant speakers from North America will be speaking to and interacting with engineering, construction, environmental and water companies attending the conference.

Sep 22 2014FL Aerospace Trip 2014
The Aerospace and Space Industries including the emerging Commercial Space sector are booming in the US. Manufacturers´ supply chain opportunities are growing and hundreds of new companies are being formed, merged or insourced in North America. This market was showcased during the USAWEEK Conference held in Europe last November.

July 21 20143 States in 5 Days Trip
If your company is thinking about establishing or operating in the USA, or just looking for a good investment opportunity in this market, this trip is the best, shortest and most efficient way to make it happen.

July 14 2014CA Trip 2014
The California trip aims to help European companies understand the California transportation (e.g. high speed train), water and energy markets and interact with key leaders and decision makers.

Jul 7 2014USA Infrastructure Trip
This trip, organized as a continuation of the USAWEEK conference (Nov 2014), aims to provide European corporate decision makers with all the critical information they need, in order to help them make reliable and knowledge based business development decisions in this complex yet attractive US market.

California Tech Accelerators and Open Innovation Tours

EAEC's Tech Accelerator and Open Innovation Tour is a unique program that provides the opportunity for a select group of European high growth startups to be introduced to leading US tech accelerators, as well as corporate development and open innovation divisions of leading US tech firms from the San Francisco Bay Area. Through a series of business and social meetings, companies get introduced to top level executives from these US entities who are looking for investment opportunities.

Dec, 01 2014CA Startup Tour
San Diego & San Francisco, CA, Dec 01-05 - EAEC organizes a CA Startup Tour for a Spanish Delegation from Castilla-La Mancha.